Cruise reports

In the former Information and Documentation Centre of the Federal Research Centre of Fisheries (now: The Scientific Information Centre of the Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute (vTI)), cruise programmes, cruise reports and Cruise Summary Reports (CSR) of the research cruises of the Fishery Research Vessels are compiled. This process is part of the daily work in this centre, and the work was coordinated by Ms Diestel, now by Ms Mehl.

Amalgamation of the cruise reports from the archives of the vti-Institute of Seafisheries with the stock of the Information and Documentation Centre was a big task. It was performed by the former trainees Nele Katelmann and Katja Thieler. Thanks to all these ladies for doing this tremendous work.

Up to now (2011), of the entire stock of scientific cruise reports, only those of the former FRV "Anton Dohrn" are scanned and mounted as pdf files to this website. Due to the decayed condition of the paper of some of the first reports (more than 50 years old) priority was given to start with the "Anton Dohrn I" reports.

Now, a unique data set of scientific cruise reports written during the 1950s-1970s by the individual chief scientists, is available to the public. The reports are written in German. They enable a close view into planning, performance, and international coordination of the 164 cruises covered in this data base.

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