Extrakt aus „Bericht über die Teilnahme des FFS „Anton Dohrn“ an der internationalen Untersuchung des Überströmung des Island-Färöer-Rückens vom 25.5. – 28.6.1960“

Middle paragraph of extract from cruise report, english translation:

IV. Meeting of 9 European Research Vessels in Vestmanhavn (Faroe Islands)

When “Anton Dohrn” pulled up alongside “Gauß” on 29 May 1960 at 09:45 in Vestmanhavn, the 9 participating research vessels were assembled. On 30 May, at 12:05 “Anton Dohrn” left the harbour, and met again with the other vessels between 3 and 6 June 00:40 in Vestmanhavn. The participants were deeply impressed by the view of vessels representing a peaceful fleet of 9 European research vessels at one spot, working together at a great scientific challenge. In history of Marine Research this was the largest concentration and visible form of European cooperation. When on 6 June this impressive fleet left again to take up its main activity, and the “three long” of the horn resounded the bight, our hope for a peaceful European cooperation in Marine Science was raised.