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J. Lenz having coffee and cake
Chiefscientist Dr. Schubert coming on board
going to fishing vessel "ANDERNACH" on 15 October 1958
Chr. Lübben watching birds
W. Nellen doing hydrography
J. Lenz and W. Nellen: England ahead
Capt. Vogel discussing with port authorities in North Shields
FRV "Anton Dohrn" and FPV "Frithjof" in North Shields
calling port in North Shields on 17 October 1958
from left to right: NN, Dr. Krefft, Dr. Schubert, Dr. Sahrhage
W. Nellen walking in North Shields
from left to right: Chr. Lübben, NN,NN, W. Nellen
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