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Scientific crew during OVERFLOW 1960 cruise of "Anton Dohrn"; left to right: Dr. Höhnk, Prof. Dr. G. Dietrich, Dr. Koske, Marschall, Dipl. Biol. Schumacher, Dr. Krefft, NN, cand. Krause, cand. Kretzler, Dr. Kotthaus, stud. F. Körte, NN; front: NN, stud. Höhnk, A. Wenk
Sailing vessel "Gorch Fock" at berth in Vestmanhavn/Faroe Islands
Anton Dohrn at berth in Vestmanhavn/Faroe Islands
NN, NN, Prof.Dr. G. Dietrich
Dr. Kotthaus
cand. E. Kretzler measuring "wet and dry" air temperatures
International OVERFLOW 1960 Expedition

(Overflow across the Iceland-Faroe-Ridge System)

Fotos and Copyright: Dr. G. Krefft