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Reykjavik, 10-12 June 1963
sunset off East Greenland
off Cape Farewell, end-May 1963
off East Greenland
pack ice off East Greenland, early-June 1963
AD069_1963 was part of the internationally co-ordinated "ICNAF-Environmental-Programme".

Vessels from Russia (former USSR), Norway, Denmark, England, Scotland, France, Iceland, Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany participated.

The scope of this international survey aimed at the distribution of cod and redfish fry in Greenlandic and adjacent waters. To achieve this, it was planned to

localize spawning grounds of cod and redfish,

analyse the abundance and depth distribution of fry,

follow the drift of the planktonic living fry and reveal the transition to the demersal phase,

and study environmental conditions (biotic/ abiotic) and their impacts on cod and redfish fry

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