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leisure time on the boat deck; E. Mittelstaedt playing ukulele
meteorology lab
hydrographic winch
E. Mittelstaedt
excursion on Iceland; J. Meincke (white coat)
meteorology lab, "Combimet"
boat deck
trawl winches
FRV Anton Dohrn in Reykjavik
thermometer frame and water bottle
Nansen bottles and bottles for water samples
getting the bottom trawl in; headline out of the water
redfish catch
Atlantic wolffish
juvenile deep sea shark; see cruise report by C. Lübben
Lumpfish and redfish
Bentnose rabbitfish (Hariotta raleighana); see cruise report by C. Lübben
Surtsey Island
Surtsey Island
Surtsey Island
benthos collection
Otto Buschow smoking redfish
Surtsey Island
Surtsey Island: lava flowing to the sea
Surtsey Island
stormy sea
pack ice border in Denmark Strait
meeting with trawler "Köln"
boat manouevre
boat manouevre
hydro winch
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