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G. Wegner doing Nansen bottles
1 March 1969; from left: G. Behrmann, D. Ofori Adu, Dr. H.H. Reinsch (chief scientist)
tug leaves Anton Dohrn; background Bremerhaven
south off Iceland
8 March: NNW 10 Bft
crossing the Faroe Islands
redfish ready for smoking
a good catch of redfish
G. Behrmann and giant cod
part of blue whale yaw bone, caught by trawl
pulling the net
transport of injured salors from "Frithjof" to "Anton Dohrn"
Reykjavik harbour, March 1969
sitting in the hot tub in Reykjavik; from left: G. Behrmann, D. Ofori Adu, G. Wegner, H. Eick, G. Engelmann, Dr. K. Kosswig
FRG fishery protection vessel "Frithjof"
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