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19 March 1970, Bremerhaven

19 March 1970, 15:00 hours: leaving the peer

leaving the lock of Bremerhaven, Dr. G. Fachbach

stormy sea off Iceland

fishing off Iceland at 9-10 Bft

sailor Hein and Dr. G. Fachbach

M. Stein launching Nansen bottles SE off Iceland

stud. H. Rummer-Löns, E. Kretzler (in the door of hydro lab)

taking otoliths: stud. H. Sasse, Dr.K. Kosswig, Dr. H.H. Reinsch

27 March: ill sailor from "SAXONIA" to Anton Dohrn's hospital

mess room, captains corner

hospital of Anton Dohrn

ship's doctor in his cabin

meeting fishery protection vessel "MEERKATZE"

sailor Schorsch Grewe smoking redfish

captain welcomes Neptun and his crew

G. Fachbach getting cleaned

G. Fachbach getting his baptismal name

G. Fachbach signing contract

M. Stein at barber, getting shaved

M. Stein getting baptized

thanks god, it's over

Dr. G. Jonsson, NN, fishing for cod

playing dice, "pasch GRAZ"; from left: Dr. H. Hemker, stud. M. Stein, stud. H. Rummer-Löns, stud. H. Sasse

17 April 1970, end of cruise in Bremerhaven

Dr. K. Kosswig

RadioNorddeich weather forecast for 30 March 1970, evening

S. Bick, stud. H. Sasse, Dr. H.H. Reinsch, captain E. Vogel

historic ice car in Bremerhaven

19 March 1970, Bremerhaven: Dr. G. Fachbach, Dr. K. Kosswig, K. Kammeier (met. technician),boatswain H. Lüttkehus, NN

19 March 1970, Bremerhaven

19 March 1970, Bremerhaven: boatswain H. Lüttkehus, Dr. K. Kosswig, K. Kammeier (met. technician), Dr. G. Fachbach

19 March 1970, Bremerhaven: Dr. K. Kosswig

19 March 1970, Bremerhaven

Copyright: G. Fachbach + M. Stein




Poem on the cruise by Manfred Stein (Click to read the full text)