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chief scientist Dr. Reinsch coming on board, J. Neugebauer senior scientist Dr. Kosswig coming on board
E. Kretzler, S. Bick, NN Dr. Reinsch, E. Kretzler leaving Bremerhaven on 17 May 1972
the catch
S. Bick taking saithe otoliths, right: F. Pölking
navigation desk radio operator meteo lab
2. NO Lehnert
2. NO Lehnert, captain R. de Graaf
hospital of Anton Dohrn
caboose on Anton Dohrn
lunchtime, left to right: Dr. Reinsch, A. Sixl, Dr. Kosswig
bacteriology lab
E. Kretzler doing Nansen bottles
E. Kretzler doing hydrography, sailor Schorsch Grewe operating the winch
Erhard Kretzler pulling the hydrographic wire while Schorsch Grewe taking care of Erhard
left to right: Dr. Reinsch, S. Bick, F. Pölking
hydro lab
P. Butt, boatswain H. Lüttkehus, 2. NO Lehnert
Comparative fishing: FRV Anton Dohrn and FRV Walther Herwig (24 May - 3 June 1972)
both ships in Reykjavik, 22 - 24 May 1972
signatures of AD163 participants
left to right: NN, Steward M. Schmidt, H. Hoheisel, 2. NO Lehnert (back) giving instructions for security training, A. Sixl, F. Pölking, ships doctor, NN, Dr. Reinsch, Steward A. Neuhaus
Dr. G. Behrmann, IFM Bremerhaven
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