Renate Hollnagel (†) - Anton Dohrn Photos

1960 - 1971

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AD043_April 1960: entrance to hydro lab; Ms Kreutzfeld (sitting), Ms Hollnagel (standing)
AD051_April 1961
AD051_April 1961
AD054_September 1961: Ms Kreutzfeld, Dr. K. Schubert
AD047_1.10.1960: Leith harbour
AD054_14.10.1961: arriving at Bremerhaven harbour
AD063_September 1962
AD063_Sept. 1962: Ms Kreutzfeld, NN, Ms Hollnagel working a herring sample AD065_Nov./Dec. 1962: NN, Ms Kreutzfeld, captain Vogel, NN working a herring sample
AD063_September 1962, Cuxhaven
AD071_29.8.1963: Aberdeen harbour
AD065_Nov./Dec. 1962: Ms Kreutzfeld, Ms Hollnagel, NN, working a herring sample
AD095_March 1966
boatswain H. Lüttkehus in fishdeck
AD105_17.8.1967: Dundee harbour
AD109_December 1967
AD109_December 1967: I. NO J. Spohn
AD109_December 1967: meteorologist Wulf, Ms Hollnagel
AD109_November 1967
AD109_December 1967: K. Kammeier, meteorologist Wulf
1968: launching a pelagic trawl
AD140_August 1970
Paul Hinsch smoking herring 1969/70: Gerd A. Becker working a bathythermograph Gerhard Wagner working a plankton net Gerhard Wagner working a "Standard-Hai"
AD154_August 1971: Stornoway
Gerhard Wagner working a "recorder", Dr. K. Schubert (with cigar) watching
a big catch: I. NO Spohn and captain Vogel watching
repairing the net
clearing the net
Photos: Renate Hollnagel