launching crew - the men who built the "Anton Dohrn"
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3 boatbuilder Bastein

1 shipbuilding trainee Jürgen Pundt, later on engineer and plant manager at Rickmers shipyard

2 shipbuilding trainee Peter Vogel, later on engineer

5 boatbuilder Peter Lutz

7 boatbuilder Günter Köhler

4 boatbuilder Günter Söhl

6 boatbuilder NN

10 boatbuilder NN

11 boatbuilder master Hülsmann, responsible for building the launchway of "Anton Dohrn"

13 boatbuilder Lindner, bender of ribs

8 boatbuilder NN

9 welder NN

12 welder NN

14 welder NN

15 shipbuilding trainee Witold Fugalewitsch, later on engineer at HDW shipyard

16 boatbuilder Arno Assmann, drawing floor

17 welder NN

18 boatbuilder NN

19 boatbuilder NN

20 welder NN

21 welder NN

22 boatbuilder NN