Dr. Gerhard Krefft
30.3.1912 - 20.3.1993
The late German ichthyologist Dr. Gerhard Krefft – Dr.Krefft was member of the Institue of Sea Fisheries, Hamburg, from 1938–1977 - did several cruises on FRV "Anton Dohrn". Thanks to Dr. Matthias Stehmann and Mrs. Ingeborg Krefft (his widow) who searched through the photo collection of Dr. Krefft, some photos were made available to this website. A collection of photos made during different cruises, are displayed here.

Being member of the scientific crew during the OVERFLOW 1960 cruise of "Anton Dohrn" (see AD045_1960++), some valuable photos of this International Expedition could be added.

left to right: Ing. Builthuis, Capt. Vogel, II. NO Klatt
left to right: Dr. Krefft, stud. H. Koops, stud. Reinig, Dr. Schubert, Dr. Sahrhage (1957)
left to right: Dr. Krefft, Dr. Sahrhage, Dr. Mertins (1957)
left to right: Marschall-TA BAH, Dr. Münzing, Dr. Kotthaus, Dr. Rogally, Dr. Krefft, Ms Lübben, Kourist, Flüchter, Körte (1959)
left to right: Dr. Krefft, Dr. Schubert, Dr. Sahrhage (1958)
FRV "Anton Dohrn" (1964)
left to right: Dr. Krefft, Dr. Kotthaus (1959)