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Scientists and Students from Austria on "Anton Dohrn"
The connection Graz-Bremerhaven is legendary! It all started with “old Kosswig” who sent his son Klaus (note: Klusch) for studies to Graz. Klusch was some years older than myself (note: Prof. Dr. G. Fachbach, Graz), however, as colleagues in studies we have done lots of things together. In 1965, Klusch received a PhD at the University of Graz. On this occasion, we convinced his father to do the laudation at Prof. Dr. Erich Reisinger’s 65th birthday. Prof. Reisinger was Klusch’s and my doctoral adviser. Klusch moved back to the north, and during a celebration in Bremerhaven which was also attended by a former Austrian colleague (Dr. Bretschko) and Hans-Heinrich (note: Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reinsch), Gernot Bretschko asked whether Austrian students from Graz University could participate during a research cruise of “Anton Dohrn”. Hans-Heinrich was enthusiastic about this idea, and he could convince his bosses, that during the 1967 autumn cruise to Iceland the first seafarer from Graz (cand. W. Sixl) could join the ship. After the – obviously good experience – each year during numerous cruises students from Graz went to sea with “Anton Dohrn”. In 1971, Hans-Heinrich made it possible that Prof. Dr. Reisinger could participate in a cruise to Iceland on “old” “Anton Dohrn” (during 1926, Prof. Reisinger had participated in a West Greenland expedition - on recommendation of Alfred Wegener - and during 1937 he joined an expedition to East Greenland).

Nowadys, since the beginning of the 1970s, it is my duty to nominate potential seafarer from Graz University, not only for cruises with Hans-Heinrich as scientist in charge, but also for cruises with other chief scientists, and I am happy that this opportunity continues to exist.

This tradition is maintained to present, and students from Graz University join cruises with the modern fishery research vessels of Germany, like the “Walther Herwig III”.

Prof. Dr. Günter Fachbach, Graz; Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reinsch, Bad Bederkesa; Manfred Stein, Hamburg

Seafarer from Graz on "Anton Dohrn" during 1967 to 1972

AD108_1967 cand. W. Sixl Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD111_1968 cand. R. Kunz Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD119_1968 Dr. G. Bretschko IBP-Institut Innsbruck

AD126_1969 cand. A. Jagsch Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD132_1969 cand. G. Scheibelreiter Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD136_1970 Dr. G. Fachbach Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD141_1970 Dr. G. Bretschko IBP-Institut Innsbruck

AD143_1970 Dr. E. Kainz Bundesinstitut für Gewässerkunde und Fischereibiologie, Scharfling/oÖ

AD149_1971 Prof. Dr. O. Kepka Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD152_1971 cand. H. Gebauer Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD152_1971 als Gast: em. Prof. Dr. E. Reisinger Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD152_1971 cand. E. Rovan Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD161_1972 cand. E. Marth Zool. Inst. Univ. Graz

AD163_1972 cand. J. Neugebauer Biol. Station Illmitz/Burgenland