Fisheries Research Vessel "Anton Dohrn"

Historic photos of building and of research cruises of the former West German Fisheries Research Vessel "Anton Dohrn" are shown. The photos were made available to the website by former participants of the cruises, or their relatives. In some cases diaries written during the cruise, are published here. A special "Photo archaeology" informs on dates of additions to the website.

The entire set of scientific cruise reports is given as .pdf files for the test cruise during 14 - 19 February 1955, and for Anton Dohrn research cruises AD001 to AD164

Caboose journal of FRV "Anton Dohrn"

The cooks on board the German fisheries research vessels have to maintain a caboose journal which lists for each day of the cruises the menues for breakfast, lunch and supper. These journals were hard cover books (A4-format) with numbered pages (1 - 192). Only one of these journals survived. It covers the period from 1 January 1964 to 27 September 1965. The journal is signed weekly by the II. Mate and the II. Engineer, and signed monthly by the Captain.The daily menu shows the variety, but also the monotony of the catering on board a German fishery research vessel in the mid-1960s. The hearty breakfast (bratwurst, steak) indicates the hard work that the deck crew had to do. “Not cooked” means that FRV „Anton Dohrn“ was at berth in Bremerhaven (mostly during weekends, or during Christmas and New Year). In order to follow a culinary research trip of “Anton Dohrn” over a period of one and three quarters of years, it is recommended to use the reproduced pages as a maritime cookbook. The Caboose Journal covers the cruises AD074_1964 to AD081_1965 (see Scientific cruise reports).

International Expeditions

FRV "Anton Dohrn" was part of internationally co-ordinated expeditions. Photos taken during the International Geophysical Year (IGY) Expedition, the Overflow Expedition 1960, and the NORWESTLANT Expedition are given. During the IGY cruise AD031_1958, Karl E. Schleicher, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution analyzed water samples with his new salinometer.